Get on Trend With Aluminum Panel Prints

printingprocessDigital prints are more customizable than ever. Customers are constantly looking for more daring ways to bring their image off of the screen and onto their walls. One of the most versatile and popular options for this is a print mounted on aluminum panel. Aluminum panel mounts at FC offer extreme durability paired with a modern finish. See why the aluminum panel is the right choice for your digital print.

Glossier Prints
High gloss prints are back in style with Facemount and sublimation prints, but many photographers want to maintain the look of a traditionally printed photo. It is a way to reflect the craft and expertise that come with the photo finishing practices of the past. Glossy resin coated photo papers also allow accurate colour representation, a large colour gamut, and sharp details. When mounted on aluminum panel and finished with a gloss laminate, the image can be hung without additional glazing, to achieve the look of a photograph on a large scale.

Bigger Prints
Large images are always a showstopper, but are often met with reservation based on fears of handling, difficulty framing, and high price. Aluminum panel mounts can be completed entirely to order at FC. This eliminates the need to purchase, store, and build with oversize materials in your shop. This allows you to offer your customers an oversize image option without the excess labour and issues completing the job.

Stronger Prints
Mounting an image on aluminum panel adds a level of durability that you might not expect with a digital print. The 2mm thick panel is made of a dense polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. It is a lightweight and sturdy product that is resistant to warping. It is also chemically stable and will not off-gas or cause damage to the print over time. FC uses a cold mounting technique that involves applying pressure rather than heat. This gives a smooth, consistent, flawless finish without the fear of discolouring the inks with heat. The protective laminate is applied with the same technique and contains UV stabilizers to help maintain the vibrancy of your print for years to come.

Try an aluminum panel mount for your next photo display and turn your customer’s digital image into a trendy, modern, lasting piece of art.